About Interlink

What we do:

The Interlink Foundation is the membership organisation for 200 Orthodox Jewish charities. 

We champion the needs of Britain’s growing Orthodox Jewish community by;

SUPPORTING community organisations with high quality information, training and consultancy.

CONNECTING community organisations with the people, partners and resources they need to make the biggest difference.

ADVOCATING for community needs, and helping influence policy-makers to work equitably and collaboratively with the community.

We have a range of services and activities:


Interlink supports community organisations with high quality advice, training, consultancy, resources, and access to funding.


Interlink works in partnership with other communities and organisations, bringing benefits to the wider public and strengthening community cohesion.


Interlink promotes understanding and partnership between the public sector and orthodox jewish community organisations.


Our core values:

To carry out all aspects of its work in accordance with traditional Jewish values.

Commitment to voluntary activity as a defining feature of Jewish tradition.

To encourage independence, sustainable growth and self representation of the organisations we serve.

Commitment to excellence and professionalism in all activities.

Our history:

Interlink Foundation was established in 1990  to provide capacity building services to Orthodox Jewish charities.  In 2000 Interlink converted to a democratic membership organisation and extended its role community advocacy, partnership brokerage and representation.  In 2004, a branch of the Foundation was established in Salford to provide a better service to communities based in the North of England. 

Interlink’s member organisations are predominantly from the Charedi community in Britain which numbers about 60,000 people and is the fastest growing group within the British Jewry.  Charedi communities are concentrated in neighbourhoods in London, Manchester and Gateshead and are differentiated within the wider Jewish community by stricter levels of religious observance and cultural distinctiveness.   Charitable practice, a cornerstone of these values, underpins the work of hundreds of Charedi non-profit organisations.