Working across communities


Working across communities

Jewish community partnerships

At the centre of a network of 200 Orthodox Jewish organisations, we are uniquely placed to connect organisations to each other, and to make connections between Jewish organisations from different localities and hailing from different parts of the community.

We have exceptional knowledge of and relationships across the Charedi community, and work strategically with partners in major Jewish organisations, including the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jewish Leadership Counciland numerous frontline Jewish charitable organisations.




Local voluntary sector partnerships

We are active participants in voluntary sector networks in the localities where we operate, and play a leading role in representing the voluntary sector to the public sector and promoting the voice and interests of local communities.  

We have been leaders in developing models of voluntary sector consortium working, and play an active role in Hackney's City and Hackney Together and Haringey's Together North London.




Neighbourhood interfaith initiatives

We work at neighbourhood level across faith communities, cooperating with our neighbours to improve conditions for local people regardless of their faith or background and to promote good community relations.  We have longstanding strong relationships with Muslim communities in Stamford Hill through our friendship with the North London Muslim Community Centre, and host meetings of the Stamford Hill Jewish Christian Forum for leaders of the Christian and Jewish communities.




Sharing learning and innovation across communities

We are proud of our high impact work and our continuous development and innovation.  We are keen to learn from other organisations and to share our knowledge with others.   We are active participants in the peer learning programme for voluntary sector infrastructure organisation run by Big Assist (a project of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations).  We are a Big Assist Beacon, part of a group of outward looking infrastructure organisations who share their knowledge and outlook with the wider infrastructure sector.